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Mooch: Paying Users to Budget

September 12, 2022

Richard got his start working in brand strategy, but left his role and became an Uber driver to save for coding boot camp. Less than 12 months after learning to code, he got a job working at Facebook as a software engineer. 4 years and 3 promotions later, Richard was planning for his wedding and came up with the budgeting concept that later became Mooch. He left FB shortly after to work on Mooch full time as the main founder and CEO. Fast forward two years to today, Mooch has raised $2 million dollars (soon to be even more), employs 12 people and has been featured in the likes of BBC, US News, Marketwatch and more! So far this year, Mooch was awarded "Most Innovative Personal Finance & Budgeting App 2022" by Wealth & Finance and "10 Best Budget Apps" by US News.

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